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Identity And Fear Of Change

December 15, 2021

We all have an identity.  When you introduce yourself, you give your name.  The next question is usually about what you do for a living.  For example, I introduce myself as Hypnotist JR Matthew when I am performing or meeting people after a show.  Aside from that, I may say that I am a speaker, therapist, and podcaster (occasionally I will say I am hypnotist but that leads to questions, challenges and wanting to be hypnotized).

While we are so much than these simple aspects of our identity, these are the main ways we use to define ourselves.  When you really love what you do,  what happens when you lose an aspect of your identity?

Many of us now find ourselves out of steady work and forced to change professions due to COVID.  This is what has happened to me. Now I look forward to an opportunity to use my skills in a different profession, new identity based on a job. 

Who am I?  What do I do for a living?  How will I define myself by a profession so negatively impacted by COVID?




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